Ultrasonic Music Sensing Instrument (Sonic Music Perceptron)

The Ultrasonic Music Sensing Instrument (Sonic Music Perceptron) can also be called a “virtual instrument”; it is a new way to create music. It is a retractable keyboard that is invisible in the air, and users can create sounds and music without having to physically touch any physical device. With invisible ultrasonic pulse waves, the user's body movements are converted into sound via the collector. Body movements can be large-scale movements, such as dancing or moving around the room; they can also be small-scale simple movements, such as small-scale movements of the head or hands. The speed, angle, and size of body movements can affect the tone and tone of the sound. Ultrasonic musical instruments have proven to be very powerful for people with disabilities and special education, because even severely disabled people can use the smallest body movements to create interesting, exciting and wonderful sounds.

Wide range of applications

The use of ultrasonic music movement instrument equipped with motion collector, central sound processor and the periphery of the configuration button mix and match, can be widely used and 0 years old to the elderly; and with different training techniques, application of a wide range of goals.

Early education stimulation: Whether it is a baby sleeping on the bed or a child crawling around on the ground, the supersound wave vocal therapeutic apparatus that can adjust the collection range can cooperate with different early education stimulation activities.

Rehabilitation training: Physiotherapists can use muscle activity training; functional therapists with functional activity training; speech therapists with language logic and pronunciation training.

Art Education: Those who are physically and mentally handicapped can control the performance of the music and express their inner world through the use of ultrasonic musical instruments, using limited physical movements.

Elderly treatment: Many elderly people with stroke, depression, or Parkinson's disease cannot participate because of limited physical activity and cognitive abilities. However, the use of ultrasonic music movement instrument motion collector, the elderly will be able to use limited body movements, and listen to the music, to play music interactive fun, enhance their life in their old age.

Early Childhood Education: Infant teachers use the Ultrasonic Music Instrument Kit to engage with children in creative story activities with changes in sound and music. The series effects of actions and sounds are used to inspire children's association with the world and create unlimited creativity.

Other applications: Since the ultrasonic musical instrument is an indefinite treatment instrument, the above-mentioned application range is only a part of the main application functions of the ultrasonic music therapy instrument. In fact, as long as any action-related training activities can use the powerful interaction between the movements of the ultrasonic musical instrument and the sound, it is compatible with the training activities to increase the user's motivation to move the body and enhance the effectiveness of the training. Do more with less.

Components: Complete Ultrasonic Musical Instrument (SOUNDBEAM 5)

Mainly consists of 4 ultrasonic pulse wave motion collectors, 1 central sound processor, 8 key boards and other peripheral accessories.

Auxiliary components: In addition to a complete set of ultrasonic music therapy instrument, another wireless button with different functions can be purchased to increase the compatibility of training activity functions.

Training: For units that purchase ultrasonic musical touchpads, B&R can arrange professional courses to train users to achieve the powerful functions of flexible control of ultrasonic music touchpads.

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