Sensory Synthesis

      Children's music to develop the sensory integration Environmental design concept using the European and American countries, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other advanced rehabilitation work area Occupational Therapy professional rehabilitation theory. Design focuses on the integration of different functional areas of training and individual functional areas of the training of flexible and strong principles.


             The sensory integration of the new generation is based on the commonly used sensory integration environment adopted by foreign and Hong Kong occupational therapists. Its design concept is quite different from the sensory integration training environment adopted in China. In recent years, sensory integration activities have also been applied to the training of visually impaired children, as well as to the visually impaired children, adult mentally retarded and elderly rehabilitation in Hong Kong. "Sensory integration" has been developed in China for many years, but has been staying in the use of equipment activities. Looking around Hong Kong, Macao and overseas regions, sensory integration activities have developed into an overall environment for interactive gaming activities so as to enhance the effect of nurturing children's sensory integration. The Company has been developing in this area for many years and has designed and constructed over 100 cases.


            Erbaole suggested products: software series, wall mat series, mats series, Chiaki series, balance series, sliding series, climbing series

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