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Shenzhen Erbaole Game Facility Co., Ltd was founded for many years, has always insisted on the "game" for the children's environment design philosophy. We are convinced that through the …
  • Ms. Kim Barthel, OTR
    Honorary Advisor

    Founder of SYNCroSI course: Teacher Kim is a Canadian occupational therapist, and later served as the co-founder of sensory integration, Dr. Els, to acquire the sensory integration therapy training instructor qualification; then learn neurodevelopmental therapy (NDT therapy) and obtain the certification instructor qualification. Kim is an international minority rehabilitation expert who has acquired the qualifications of the above two professional certification instructors at the same time.

  • Miss Chen Yuzhen
    OTR Consultant

     Ms. Chen is a Registered First Class Practitioner in Hong Kong, a Master of Medical Research, a Master of Buddhist Studies, a Certified Sensory Integrative Assessment Executive in the United States, a Physical and Mental Injury Healer in the United States, an Instructor in the International Baby Infants Massage Association, and an advisor and recognizer in DISC behavioral personality analysis. He is the founder of heart therapy and static therapy.

  • Prof. Phil Ellis

       Professor Phil Ellis has been a Principal Investigator and Senior Lecturer at Warwick University since the 1990s. Since 2000, he has been Professor of Music at the University of Sunderland, UK. Professor Phil Ellis is a renowned international electro-acoustic composer and researcher and developer of electronic music education and music therapy. He is the former Chairman of the International Council of Music Education (ISME) Special Music Education, Music Therapy and Music Medical Committee.

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