Successful Completion - 2 Days of the Sensing Environment Theory and Practical Training Course for 20170721-22 in Shijiazhuang

Perceptual Environmental Theory and Practical Training Course

Practices follow, cut in, bring out


    From July 21st to 22nd, Mr. Chen Wenfeng, Special Child Development Consultant of Children's Development Home of the Children's Development Center of Peking University, went to the Department of Psychology, First Hospital of Shijiazhuang Medical University to conduct a two-day training course on sensory environment theory and practical exercises. The arrangement of this training is based on the concept of Syncro SI Xing Kesi treatment, synchronization and continuous learning, practice follow, cut in, bring out.

Integrate assessment and practice

        In the two-day course, there were more than 20 psychotherapists and rehabilitation therapists involved. The theoretical content involved the integrated assessment and practical operation of neurodevelopment, sensory-integration and affective relationships. The practical course includes 8 children aged 2 to 16 who are normal, mentally retarded, sensory-unified, and emotionally related to different neurodevelopmental disorders.

Neurodevelopmental exercise posture comparison

       Children of different ages, degrees, and different diseases participated in the assessment and practical exercises. Teacher Chen felt that not only would she not have any difficulties in teaching, but also through the age differences of the individual cases, from the normal age of 2 years old children and the age of neurodevelopment Contrast of exercise poses, the development of emotional relationships between children with developmental retardation at the age of 3 and 16-year-olds (children with early developmental delay) precisely explains to students the antecedents and consequences of mental and physical intellectual development of children.

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