Successful Completion of a 3-day 2017.6.26-28 Day Neurodevelopment Therapy (NDT) Application Course

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Before class


        Before attending the three-day Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT) course, I shared the same understanding of NDT as most people. I feel that it is only a method to use induction or inhibition to gradually learn cerebral palsy patients. How to use the normal movement pattern to complete a series of treatment methods for daily activities.

Through this three-day course on Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT) and Application of ASD, I learned that apart from emphasizing induction and repression, it focuses more on the process of establishing a connection between the therapist and the patient's synergistic kinesthesia; The trainer's motor system is combined with the child's motor output and stored in the child's motor memory. Neurodevelopmental therapy is a therapist's application of hierarchical sensory input to promote improved alignment and movement patterns. Try to increase muscle strength, endurance, and coordination through activities of daily living, including games and training. Based on the principles of exercise learning, the therapist tries to “feel” the movement of the internal system of the patient. As Teacher Kim said in class: “Action does not only use the eyes, but also feels by hand and uses it to feel, think and experience new sports patterns”

Many rehabilitation therapists only know that NDT (or Bobath) is for cerebral palsy, and never for children of autism (ASD). In the past, we only saw the cognitive problems, language problems, behavior problems, and sensory problems of children with autism (ASD), but all neglected the children's difficulties in dysregulation of neuromotor control. Most ASD children did not have stable internality. In the core muscle group, there is no stable core muscle group, and there is no stable base for the eyes, and it is difficult to have functional visual skills (the trunk and eyeball cannot be divided into operations). At the same time, if the diaphragm muscle is not well activated, it will relatively increase the activity of the sympathetic nervous system (scaring, escaping, fighting) and lead to increased breathlessness and anxiety. Therefore, if there is no alignment and line-to-line and midline activity for the trunk in the training, it is difficult for the child to have a good neurodevelopmental process, thereby affecting the high-level movement and cognitive learning process.


    Because Kim is a teacher across academia, a sensory integration master; also a psychologist. Therefore, another feature of this course is to let me understand how to infiltrate the NDT elements in the original curriculum, rather than independent NDT training, so that the original classroom is more detailed and training is more effective.

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