Multisensory Interaction

      The "Multi-Sensory" activity has been developed in many advanced countries in Europe and the United States for many years and has been applied to many areas such as early childhood development and nursery, child rehabilitative therapy or rehabilitation for the disabled and the elderly. Multi-sensory activity is mainly through the visual, listening, touching, smell and other sensory equipment, enhance or relieve the child's sensory system. In addition, through a variety of interactive environment design, various sensory and sensory interaction can be strung together into an activity that generates multiple sensory and multi-sensory training effects of receiving and giving back in one game process.




          The multi-sensory activity room of "Shi Lu Xirun" concept of treatment mainly uses a variety of sensory equipment to create a strong multi-sensory environment to appease people with mood disorders and treat patients with severe multiple-organ dysfunction.



          The multi-sensory training room with multi-interaction concept is to adjust the multi-sensory activity room of the traditional "Shi Lu Xirun" treatment concept to a strong multi-sensory input method; and combine different training objectives to create multi-sensory activities with different themes room.

          The overall environmental design is targeted to meet the needs of different people.


         Erbaole Suggestions With Products: Software Series, Wall Mats, Floor Mats, Electronic Multi-Sensory Series

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