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      Kindergartens, schools, nurturing organizations and community clubs are all children's living environment for the game, where children not only learn different knowledge, but also experience the fun of different games and extensive social life, these experiences are the child's future growth and development Great influence. A harmonious, fun and imaginative environment, children not only happy to learn, but also allow children to have a creative space.


          Kindergarten is a necessary stage for modern children. The advanced early childhood education activities make good use of the park space and carry out a full range of early childhood education based on different preschool education theories.


          Early childhood education is to promote the physical and mental development of infants and young children is an important process, environmental design is the early education teaching advanced concepts of development (such as multi-sensory and sensory integration), combined with rapid development stage for infants and young children facilities and equipment to create early perception to stimulate the environment and stimulate The different sensory systems of infants and young children enhance and enhance the physical and mental development abilities of infants and young children.

          The learning process for children with disabilities is quite different from that for normal children, and the environment designed for special education requires more understanding of their needs and an understanding of advanced special education concepts, melting of the concept of advanced special education into one that makes children happy and easy to learn Activity space.


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